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Woodworking Machines now stock woodworking tools to suit the needs of any skilled craftsman and serious professionals. In this section we supply double bevelled compound mitre saws, the Wolf 10” table saw with legs and the Wolf mitre saw bench.
POWERPLUS 10'' Table Saw with leg stand
Order Code: 102596
Only £139.99
More Details
Wolf Heavy Duty Adjustable Mitre Saw Bench
Order Code: 100113
Only £59.99
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POWERPLUS 1500 Watt, 254mm Table Saw
Order Code: 102691
Only £179.99
More Details
POWERPLUS 350 Watt, 2 Wheel Band Saw POW180
Order Code: 102692
Only £130.00
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POWERPLUS 410mm Scroll Saw
Order Code: 102693
Only £85.00
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Powerplus 210mm Compound Mitre Saw POW8130
Order Code: 102698
Only £79.99
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POWERPLUS - 255mm Flipover Compound Mitre with Bench Saw POWX0760
Order Code: 102697
Only £385.00
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POWERPLUS 600w Pendulum Jigsaw POWX033
Order Code: 102952
Only £32.99
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POWERPLUS 800w Pendulum Jigsaw with Laser POWX036
Order Code: 102903
Only £49.99
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Powerplus 255mm 1800w Compound Mitre with Laser Saw POWX070
Order Code: 102912
Only £157.00
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Powerplus 305mm 2000w Compound Mitre Saw POWX075
Order Code: 102913
Only £229.99
More Details
Powerplus 254mm 1800w Combination Mitre / Table Saw
Order Code: 102914
Only £250.00
More Details
Powerplus 305mm 1600w Sliding Compound Mitre Saw & Stand POWX077
Order Code: 102915
Only £439.99
More Details
Powerplus Roller Support Stand POWX0700T
Order Code: 102917
Only £14.99
More Details
Compound Mitre Saw KRT81101
Order Code: 103043
Only £22.00
More Details
POWERPLUS 900w Pendulum Jigsaw with Laser Guide POWXQ5302
Order Code: 103217
Only £74.99
More Details
Powerplus 1800w 254mm Sliding Mitre Saw with Laser POWXQ5335
Order Code: 103219
Only £259.99
More Details
Powerplus Mitre Saw Stand POWXQ53300T
Order Code: 103220
Only £46.99
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POWERPLUS 254mm 1800 watt TABLE SAW POWXQ5360
Order Code: 103221
Only £370.00
More Details
Powerplus - Stand for Table Saw -  POWXQ53600T
Order Code: 103222
Only £59.99
More Details
POWERPLUS 650w Pendulum Jigsaw & Blades POW1015
Order Code: 103245
Only £23.99
More Details
Order Code: 102038
Only £190.00
More Details
Order Code: 102043
Only £299.99
More Details
Please call 08448 092 592 for availability
 Please call 08448 092 592 for availability
Wolf Professional 10'' ( 254mm) Bandsaw with Stand
Order Code: 102040
Only £190.00
More Details
Powerplus 204mm Planer Thicknesser POWX204
Order Code: 102695
Only £269.99
More Details
Wolf Professional 210mm Planer Thicknesser
Order Code: 102041
Only £199.99
More Details
Currently Unavailable
 Currently Unavailable
Powerplus 1400w 210mm Mitre Saw POW8002
Order Code: 103937
Only £67.99
More Details
POWERPLUS 450w Jigsaw POW1010
Order Code: 103947
Only £16.99
More Details
POWERPLUS 720 watt Reciprocating Saw POWX0396
Order Code: 104759
Only £52.99
More Details
Wolf 250mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with Laser
Order Code: 104460
Only £109.99
More Details
Wolf 1600w Circular Saw 185mm with laser  + Wolf 3 in 1 Sander
Order Code: 105435
Only £87.98
More Details